Chicken Netting


Chicken Netting for the Backyard Poultry Keeper and the Professional Farmer


McCallum Made is a specialist importer of of electric netting products with the widest range possible. This is because our chicken netting is all imported from Germany and we offer an unrivalled number of product options – everything from “Heavy Duty” netting for the professional free range chicken farmer to lighter grade “Standard” chicken netting for the urban hobby block.

How does poultry netting stop predators?

Poultry netting is made from polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom base line). PVC posts come complete as part of the netting kit. To ‘charge’ the poultry netting connect an energiser to the net and to the ground via an earth stake. This forms an open circuit. When the predator touches the chicken netting they close the curcuit and get the electric shock. As a result the shock frightens the predator away as they have no understanding of what just happened to them.

We are Australia’s leading specialist importer of chicken netting. As such, we have an unrivalled set of options to make sure that your poultry netting suits your personal requirements.

In order to serve you better we have three different models of poultry netting. Please note that all three models use exactly the same netting material – the difference is entirely in the height and thickness of the posts. Therefore the three different options we stock are –

  1. Standard – 110 cm tall posts, 13mm post thickness, 7mm thick double prong.
  2. Tall – 120 cm tall posts, 13mm post thickness, 7mm double prong.
  3. Heavy – 120cm tall posts, 19mm post thickness, 8mm double prong.

The heavy duty poultry netting is perfect for professional poultry businesses or if you live on hard ground and you need a sturdy post that can go into the ground without bending. Again, you should consider clicking on the link below to buy now or investigate our other options.

If you do not need 50m of chicken netting then you may find that 25m will be sufficient. Our 25m roll of chicken netting is the perfect size for an urban backyard or small holding to protect a flock of a dozen or so birds.

Like all of our other chicken netting, the 25m roll is made in Germany. This roll measures 120cm tall and has a 7mm thick steel prong on the bottom of the post. Unfortunately there is no heavy duty post option as it is unavailable. However, for most urban environments consisting of grass or the equivalent the 7mm steel post of the chicken netting is more than sufficient.

To protect your chooks from predators consider buying some poultry netting today. The 25m net is a great place to start, so click through and take a look.