McCallum Made™

McCallum Made is a private company in Australia engaged in manufacturing and selling bike stands, chicken coops and other businesses.

Office opens at 9:00am & closes at 5:00pm

For business opportunities and inquiries please contact us.

What We Do

Chicken Tractors

McCallum Made Chicken Coops and Tractors are designed to make your chicken keeping experience simple for you and safe for your chickens. Know more…





Bike Stands

Bike Stands and Bicycle Parking Rails are at the core of any program designed to improve cycling infrastructure. Know more…



Other Businesses

McCallum Made also owns some private business ventures inside and outside the country.

Our Head Quarter Offices

This is our administration and customer service office is located. Drop by and we can talk business.

Partner With Us

For Business opportunities and inquiries, please contact us and let’s have a coffee.