The Hotline HLS34 Fire Drake Solar Energiser is a medium-powered solar energiser built with a high capacity 5 watt solar panel which is very capable of keeping its built-in 12v 7amp/hour battery charged while in use.

You have the option to simply plug the energiser into a standard 240v socket to recharge the internal battery. Fire Drakes can be post-mounted or mounted on the EST1 ‘T’ section Earth Post.


This solar energiser is ideally suited for horse grazing fences or a 16m to 25m Poultry Electric Netting system. Solar Powered Energisers are particularly useful for set-up-and-forget fences that need not of regular checking.

  • Internal 12v battery.
  • 5w solar panel.
  • Low battery and pulse indicator.
  • On/Off switch.
  • Built-in battery charger.