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So why do you need an electric hot gate?

Well, probably the only drawback to using electric netting on your property is constantly giving yourself a shock. Either you forget to turn the energiser off before touching the fence, or you forget to turn the energiser back on after using the fence. Usually, in that case you remember at 11 pm at night and it is raining outside.

Electric Netting Gate

There is a really simple solution to the woes outlined above! An electric hot gate provides an easy access gate system for poultry, sheep or goat netting. No additional tools are required as the gate connects to your existing fence with cable ties. But most importantly, once connected it becomes an integral part of your netting – it carries an electric charge and does not form a “weak point” in your defences. Please also note that it only comes in Green.

Electric Netting Gate Installation

Installing an electric hot gate is as simple as creating a gap in your fence to include the setup of the gate. The gate looks very similar to ski poles and to open and shut the gate all you need to do is clip the “ski poles” together. As this might sound confusing, we have a video showing how this works to enter and exit the fenced area which you can see here.

Gate Sizing

The gate comes in two different heights – 110 cm and 120 cm. Please choose which height suits your needs best. If your netting is shorter than 110cm then choose the 110cm option as it will work without any problems.


Our gates are all manufactured in Germany by Hotline Electric Fencing of the United Kingdom. We have a close working relationship with Hotline and therefore we can bring you their 50 years of experience to Australian shores. All electric gates come with a 2 year warranty.