Combo Tensioner Hybrid – BD 150kg Blue


The medium duty poly wire, rope and braided tensioner BD 150kg, is a combination of a tensioner and an insulator all in one.


  • A hardy heavy duty tensioner for all weather conditions
  • Can tension poly wires and braided wires up to 6mm, making it very versatile
  • Recommended tension up to 150kg
  • It eliminates galvanic reaction between dissimilar metals thus reducing rust and can be used with any type of wire
  • UV Stabilised for long lasting
  • Spindle designed for easy tension
  • Spindled designed for smaller incremental turns minimising over tension



Material: UV stabilised glass filled nylon
Tension maximum: 150kg
Operating temperature: -40 to 80Celsius
Operating voltage: 0- 12KV
Recycling: SPI resin code 7