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Nemtek Agrisolar 10km Energiser


The Agri 10km solar range of energizers includes a solar panel, which is used to charge a battery during the day to power the energizer. Solar panels are usually provided with a separate solar regulator, but the Nemtek Agri solar range of energizers has a built-in solar regulator. This makes the energizer more portable and makes connecting of the energizer easier.

• Powers up to 10km of fence/16 acres/6.4ha (applies to optimal fence conditions)
• Robust weather resistant system
• Battery charge state indicator
• Energizer overload indicator
• Powered by 10 watt solar panel (included) and 12Ah battery (sold separately)
• Built-in solar regulator with power management system for easier connection and portability
• Built-in battery polarity protection
• Day/night sensor
• Adaptable mounting options (wall, fence wire or wooden post and also slides onto Y picket post)
• Lightning protection
• Many programmable options via the LCD handheld remote – (optional accessory) including adjustment of fence voltage and pulse rate, independent day/night setting, battery voltage reporting and fence performance monitoring



  • Output energy max 1J (stored energy 1.4J)
  • Output voltage @ Open circuit 8.0kV
  • Output voltage @1000Ohms 7.5kV
  • Output voltage @500Ohms 5.5kV
  • 10Watt solar panel
  • IP rating 54